What is Exclusive Use ?
Only your group travels in the vehicle for your journey. No other pick-ups or drop offs,
unless requested by you.

What is Private Charter ?
You book the vehicle and driver ( for an agreed price ) to go
” where you want when you want”.

What if we are more than 10 Passengers ?
You can still contact us and we will forward your enquiry to one of our recommended larger operators, who will contact you direct.

What is an Accredited Operator ?
In Queensland the Transport Department requires all operators of public passenger services
to hold Operator Accreditation, the purpose of which is to ensure:
(1) high quality passenger transport services by setting minimum requirements in the areas
of safety, service delivery and business acumen.
(2) operators are held accountable for complying with appropriate standards.

Why do I have to Book ?
We are not an “on demand” service and can only undertake transfers by prior bookings
(of your travel requirements)

Why do you need a Flight Number ?
Your flight number tells us where you will Arrive/Depart (ie.airport), also your Arrive/Depart Time and which Airline. This information ensures we pick you up on time.

What if my Flight is Delayed ?
We will reschedule your pick-up time as required.

What if my Flight is Diverted ?
Please contact us as soon as possible so we can still pick you up or assist you to make other travel arrangements to reach your destination.

Can I Change my Booking Times/Travel Details ?
Yes, with prior notice we will reschedule your pick-up times.